About Alex Zaldivar:

The story of Alex’s exquisite design sense traces back to his youth growing up in Marbella, Spain. Where he was surrounded by not only the natural beauty of the land and people, but the gorgeous architecture and adornments. Soaking it all in and developing a flair and passion for design, Alex initially pursued a career in fashion. These pursuits would take Alex all over the world to some of the most exotic locales and fabulous events where, to his surprise and delight, he found himself drawn to the interior design. Inspired by these experiences, and the influence the Baroque, Gothic and Neoclassical architecture and design he was exposed to while then living in Europe, Alex shifted his focus from fashion to interior design and as the saying goes….the rest is HIStory.  

In 1992, Alex and his dear friend, Joe Mitchell, opened the boutique Mitchell and Zaldivar Antiques with the wide array of pieces acquired in Alex’s many travels. Thanks to these travels and Alex’s ability to make friends wherever he went, his network of European firms and dealers grew, as did his diverse stock of gorgeous and unique home accessories. While making a name for himself in the design community through the traffic the boutiques afforded, Alex frequently heard… “I love what is in the store but I’ve no idea how to use or display this in my home”. This statement sparked the demand for Alex’s interior design business, and with the time spent travelling the world for his interior design inventory for his clients. Then due to the unfortunate and untimely passing of his friend and business partner in 1992, Alex decided to start switching gears. Over the next several years his stores and his client base inspired Alex to immerse himself fully in the world of Interior Design and today, Zaldivar Antiques and Design’s vast list of long standing and new clients continues to grow globally.